An exciting headline about your travel destination.

A line or two about why that trip is so exciting.

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A few benefits / reasons to get them excited about travelling.

Keep it simple

Travel landing pages with clear & concise language tend to perform best. Explain what you are offering as simply as possible. 

Highlight the benefits of your travel offer with persuasive words & phrases.

Use persuasive language

Avoid words that might make someone feel unsafe, like tree, stone, shooting, fee, desert, endless & limited.

Don't worry

Be happy

Use positive language. Highlight things that invoke the feeling of safety.

Reinforce your unique selling proposition.

Use emotive imagery to help your viewer imagine themselves at the destination. Highlight the visual details of the experience.

Describe trip details

Where is the trip?

What does it cost? 

What kinds of services do you offer?

What are the facilities they have access to?

How will they get there?

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Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

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